A new concept of row&sail boat

Sails or oars? You will choose. DISCOVER THE LITEXP by Liteboat.

If there is a little wind, not sure that you will go faster by rowing. What is certain is that the pleasure of glide will be there, alone or with two, for beautiful days of action, both playful and sporting.

Go around the small island at the other end of the lake and get your boat on the beach. Leave the bay, go to the lighthouse at the cape and go up along the coast, before the bivouac planned in one of these creeks where few people go. Crisscross the archipelago and sail from island to island for a great weekend. Go for a little exercise in contact with the elements and nature. Your Liteboat XP on its trailer, you will choose the starting point of your expeditions, you will put it in the water as you would have done for a family dinghy.

The LiteXP has the same characteristics than other Liteboat :

LIGHT with a weight of 180kg all rigged including sail, mast, sculls

STABLE due to the design of the hull by Sam Manuard

EASY to rigg in 5 minutes with a catboat setup

Mathieu BONNIERLiteboat founder / CEO
  • Rowing Transatlantic solo 2009 (Senegal>Guyane)

  • Rowing Northwest Passage solo 2010

  • Rowing North Atlantic Solo Attempt (USA> France) 2012

  • Race To Alaska Row/sail (Port-Townsend – Ketchikan) 2016

  • Race To Alaska Row/sail (Port-Townsend – Ketchikan) 2018 with Erwan Kerebel

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